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May 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022

Aromatic Glass ExperienceCurious about which glass is best for your wine? Explore how the shape of a glass can both pull forth hidden aromas while also impacting the taste of the wine and even certain foods you have with it. This 4-wine flight will have two interactive levels. The first level will walk guests through how the same wine smells and tastes differently through a variety of glassware. The second level will be a cause and effect experience of trying these wines with different ingredients that are known to classically to be flavors of the wine, or to classically pair with the wine to learn how the aroma impacts flavor of wine and food.

This unique experience is available virtually, or at our Tasting Room in Kenwood Wednesday through Sunday at 11am and 2pm from April 16-May 15 2022. Advanced reservations are required.

$30 for General Public | Complimentary for wine club members

Contact: Karen Hannah ,